Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan – With participation by the client, New Horizons CSH staff will develop, document and implement an initial crisis intervention treatment plan within 24 hours after the initial face-to-face intervention to reduce or eliminate the crisis. The treatment plan will be culturally and linguistically appropriate for the client.

      • List the client’s needs and problems identified in the crisis assessment. 
      • Identify frequency and type of services to be provided and measurable short-term goals.
      • Specify objectives directed toward the achievement of each goal.
      • Note cultural considerations.
      • Recommend needed services, including crisis stabilization.
      • Refer to appropriate local resources, such as:
        • ACCESS Points.
        • Physical health services.
        • Local law enforcement.
      • Write clear progress notes of the outcome of goals.
      • Identify frequency and type of services to be provided.
      • Coordinate the planning of other services with the client’s case manager if they have one.
      • Update the crisis intervention treatment plan as needed to reflect changes in goals and services.
      • If the client shows positive change in a baseline of functioning or a decrease in personal distress:
        • Make (and document) a referral to less-intensive mental health services.
        • Document short-term goals that have been met and when no further crisis intervention services are needed.
      • A New Horizons CSH mental health professional and the client must approve and sign the treatment plan. If the client refuses to approve and sign the plan, the professional will note the refusal and the reason(s) for the refusal in the treatment plan.