[NOTE;  New Horizons CSH clinicians and caregivers document in real time all significant interventions in the client’s chart.  ICANotes (see below) is web-based.  We will provide HIPAA-compliant access to a client’s chart in ICANotes to BHD staff, third party professionals involved in the client’s care, and to the client’s family, either on an ad hoc basis or (if required) on an ongoing basis.]

An Electronic Health Record (“EHR”) is digitized version of paperwork in a healthcare clinician’s office.  It contains demographic, medical and treatment history of the client. EHRs include functionality to support patient records, including fields for practitioners to input information such as medical history, diagnoses, medications, immunization dates, allergies, etc.  EHRs facilitate the sharing of information among various healthcare professionals, thereby allowing all clinicians to participate in the client’s care.  

New Horizons CSH uses as its EHR ICANotes – a comprehensive system designed specifically by a clinical psychiatrist for the mental health specialty (  ICANotes contains intuitive note templates that require less time and less typing by the provider.  The pre-configured templates create comprehensive:

    • Initial Assessments.
    • Progress Notes.
    • Group Therapy Notes.
    • Treatment Plans.
    • Discharge Summaries.

With its intuitive, chart-centric workflow, ICANotes is the only fully configured EHR software for behavioral health, therapy, psychiatry, and addiction treatment. Its robust behavioral health content engine and customizable point-and-click templates reduce the time a clinician spends documenting client care, thereby allowing more time for engaging the client in therapy.

ICANotes’ note-writing software helps the clinician compile comprehensive, clear notes in a matter of minutes, creating a detailed electronic health record noting the clinician’s work and the patient’s progress. While many note-writing methodologies are time-consuming and laborious, ICANotes is quick and button-driven, featuring common clinical content, diagnoses and symptoms so that the clinician can do less typing and still keep consistently efficient and clinically relevant records.

ICANotes offers behavioral and mental health specific workflows and SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan) notes templates for situations like anxiety disorders, phobias, depression and more to meet the needs of mental health clinicians, professionals, nurse practitioners, et al.