Crisis Assessment

Crisis Assessment –   an immediate evaluation of the client will be done by a New Horizons CSH psychiatrist, Nurse Practitioner with a psych certificate, Ph.D. clinical psychologist, or Master’s Level crisis-trained mental health practitioner, to:

  • Determine that the client’s behavior is a serious deviation from his or her baseline level of functioning caused by a mental health crisis.
  • Provide immediate intervention to relieve the client’s distress.
  • Evaluate, in a culturally appropriate way the client’s current:
    • Life situation.
    • Sources of stress.
    • Symptoms.
    • Risk behaviors.
    • Mental health problems.
    • Strengths and vulnerabilities.
    • Cultural considerations.
    • Support network.
    • Level of functioning.
    • Willingness to accept voluntary treatment.
    • Whether the client has an advance directive.
    • History and information obtained from family clients.